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Boat Seat Repair

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Our Process

We recover boat seats! Because of their continuous exposure to the Sun’s UV rays, boat seat vinyl and stitching begins to break down after a few years. Left alone, the holes will get larger, and the underlying foam will become damaged as well.

We offer high quality Marine grade vinyl, in color matching Roll & Pleat, Flat, along with the matching hidem and welt cord. Also, we only use Sun Guard thread which provides unsurpassed UV protection.

We offer a large selection of foam, with densities ranging from soft to extra firm. Even foam that will not retain any water!

Another problem we often see, is the plywood underneath the foam, has become water logged or is rotten, because of water damage. We have full carpentry shop capabilities, to replace any damaged wood. We only use pressure treated wood products and Stainless Steel fasteners. Plywood is available from 3/8″-1″.

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