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Dash Repair

Do you have an annoying crack in your dash? It bothers us too and we can fix it!
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Our Process

Cracks and splits in dashes are a common problem. Often due to sun damage or because of human error dashes become damaged and need to be repaired. We are able to repair many of these problems.*

Our repair method seeks to stabilize your dash first. Then we reinforce the damaged area. Next we retexture the area, so that it looks more natural and does not attract attention. Finally we color match your dash’s unique finish with our high quality Dyes. This allows for a nearly invisible repair in most cases.

*Note: In some cases, it is not possible to repair large cracks and splits. In such cases we may be able to install a dash cover. These covers fit like a glove and come with a one time, life-time, manufacturer’s replacement warranty. Ask us about warranty details.

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