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Headliner Replacement

Headliner falling down? We can restore your vehicle with a new headliner.
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Our Process

Headliners typically last 5 – 10 years in most new vehicles, before they fall.

Why do headliners fall and how can they be repaired?

Headliners fall due to the deterioration of their foam rubber backing. UV rays from the sun cause the breakdown of this backing. As a result the material that you see begins to sag and fall.

Since the foam rubber has basically turned to dust there is no longer a solid foundation to glue the material too. Therefore, the only way to restore the headliner to it’s original condition, is to remove the headliner and clean off all the old material and foam and then install new headliner material. And finally reinstall the recovered headliner in the vehicle.

We have dozen of colors to choose from so stop by today and we’ll match your headliner and schedule your appointment. Generally headliner replacement is a 1 day service.

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